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Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials

zero waste bathroom

Bringing zero waste to your bathroom is not as hard as you might think. These zero waste bathroom essentials are easy to implement, reduce your bathroom waste easily by a good amount and yet save you some money.So get a look at what can easily be replaced in a zero waste household.

If you would like to purchase some of these things, then have a look at my list of sustainable onlineshops.

Showers and Baths

Soap bar with washcloth
Use the soap on itself or put it into the washcloth to foam it up. Plus: cheap and looks luxerious.

zero waste bathroom soap

Shampoo bars
Rub the bar on your scalp or in your hand to get it foaming, then use as normal shampoo.

zero waste bathroom shmpoo bar

Bath bombs
Drop them in your bathtub. Done. Can also be used as beautiful decor, spreading good smell in your bathroom.

zero waste bathroom bath bombs

Safety razor
Uses a metal blade which can be recycled.

zero waste bathroom razor


Body butter
Actually a masage butter from Lush, but it moisturizes the skin very good. There are also real body butter options.

zero waste bathroom body butter

Selfmade in a glas container. Contains nothing but baking soda and water.

zero waste bathroom deodorant


Dental tabs
Chew these up with some water and start brushing. Bought at our local package free shop.

zero waste bathroom dental tabs

Bamboo toothbrush
A simply toothbrush made of bamboo. The bristles are also made from bamboo, so it’s completely compostable.

zero waste bathroom bamboo toothbrush

Compostable floss in a glass jar
Beautifully packed in a glas jar. The floss itself can be bought without the jar to refill it.

zero waste bathroom compostsable floss


Cotton cloths and organic oil
Removes your makeup without effort only with water. When your are using waterproof makeup use some organic oil instead.

zero waste bathroom cotton cloths


When it comes to Q-tips you can purchase the completely plastic free ones. As simple as that.

zero waste bathroom q-tip

Menstrual cup
Use this instead of tampons. It may cost you some more at first but it last for 20 years. Also feels more comfortable and has to be cleaned less than tamposn have to be changed.

zero waste bathroom bath menstrual cup

Recycled or unpackaged toilet paper
Maybe the most simple swap. Just buy recycled. Or if you have the chance to do so, purchase plasticfree or even unpackaged toilet paper.

zero waste bathroom bath toilet paper

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Hi, ich bin Sarah. Ich mag gutes Essen, meinen kleinen Kräutergarten, Eulen und minimalistisches Design. Auf meinem Blog schreibe ich über Minimalismus und Zero Waste und gebe Tipps wie man Müll vermeiden und seinen Konsum nachhaltiger gestalten kann.


  1. Hey there 🙂 Thanks for this very well done article. The fotos are awesome!
    I add some more ideas to this.

    Instead of Q-tips you can also use these „earspoons“ as they are called in Germany. The linked ones I like the most becuase there are no sharp edges.
    I still have some Q-tips for make-up or bellybotton, but I nearly need one package every 2 years.

    For reducing toilet paper I revived the idea of the bidet – which is something 75% of the human race does. I bloged here about it: (in German only – but the fotos tell the story as well).
    After all: toiletpaper is still produced just for being thrown away, and honestly I don’t think that the environmental impact of bamboo shiped around the worl ist that small.

    The tag also links to ideas for diy toothpowder, made from baking soda, ashes, xylitol and spieces like sage or ginger and kurkuma e.g.
    For toothbrushes there are also alternatives like the swak or original mishwak woodsticks. – you won’t need any toohpaste or tabs at all.


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